Coming Home

“True, whole prayer is nothing but love.” ~St. Augustine

Home, a place of serenity, peace and joy, with friendship, fellowship and openness. Home to intimacy, acceptance and affirmation.

Richard Foster describes the home that God is inviting us into-to hang out at the living room of His heart where I can put on my old slippers and share freely. To be in the kitchen of His friendship where I can chatter and batter mix in good fun. To be at the dining room of His strength where I can feast to my heart’s delight. To be at the study of His wisdom where I can learn, grow, stretch and ask Him all the questions I have of this world and not of this world. To be at the workshop of His creativity where I can be co-labourers with Jesus, working together to determine the outcomes of events. To be in the bedroom of His rest where new peace is found and I can be naked, vulnerable and free-the place of deepest intimacy where I know and am known to the fullest.

This is my prayer, a prayer of love, for love. To hold the key so dear, the key to this Home, Home with You, God, our Father, this heart of Yours.

PRAYER-Finding the Heart’s True Home, Richard Foster, 1992

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