Some Old Stuff… but the New is here!

Shifting to a new home can be quite a major event in life… Everything was in a mega mess before they were all sorted and packed. I have to admit, I dislike chores as such. You won’t imagine how many cartons of clothes, shoes, bags, CDs and books I need to discard before everything else can fit nicely into the new home. One up side to this spring-clean was the rediscovering of new out of the old stuff… some of the clothes dug out were so new coz they were worn just once or twice before they were forgotten and buried with all the rest of the loads. We are supposed to enjoy more space because it is a bigger house but amazingly, there were just loads of stuff that we managed to compress and contain very well all these years. While we were packing and looking forward to the move in to our nicely renovated new home just two streets away, a lot of rampaging was required. Old stuffs that were supposed to be buried, down and under, were dug out… choices had to be made-to throw or keep. Then I realized, there were a lot of stuff which I had conveniently hid them, out of sight, out of mind… stuff that brought back memories and surprisingly, reminded me of unpleasant pasts and hurts which still cause the heart to ache a little. Then I knew, it was time to really spring-clean as one of my favorite bible characters, Paul said, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come; The old has gone, the new is here!” I reckoned, at some point, from time to time, we need to take stock of our lives, to decide to let go totally of some things and move on.

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