Project Dressmaking 101

Have you ever come across a piece on the rack that’s just perfect for you yet it doesn’t fit you as nicely as you would like it to be? We are all unique in our body shape and size that is why some knowledge and skills in dressmaking go a long way in maintaining a good piece of well-designed apparel. While we would love to, we simply can’t purchase all the different designs out there! Yet we don’t want to wear the same few pieces over and over again! That’s why a little know-how in stitching and mending helps us recycle (or one of my girlfriends calls it these days, upcycle?) our old stuff and keeps our wardrobe compact and updated. With a few simple dressmaking tips, you can recreate new pieces out of your old pieces by, changing buttons, adding laces, ironing or sewing-on ruffles or crystals, shortening long skirts from past seasons etc. There’re just so many things we can do, there’s no right and wrong and a whole lot of fun and satisfaction!

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